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  • I recently had back surgery performed by Dr. Cubbage. He explained everything thoroughly prior to the surgery, has a wonderful bedside manner and did an amazing job correcting the problem. He gave me such great care throughout the entire process! I highly recommend him-he is truly the best! He has a compassionate staff, especially his nurse, Vickie. She goes above and beyond in caring for patients and made me feel like I was the only one.

    By - Sheri
  • My husband, Denny, had 2 discs replaced in his neck by Dr. Cubbage. The overall experience was exceptional. Dr. Cubbage was highly professional with a great bedside manner and a gentleness that sets him apart. He answered all of our questions and explained the diagnosis as well as the procedure in a through and understandable way. His nurse, Vickie, was very responsive to each and every email before and after surgery. She was also very warm and caring; and highly proactive and efficient in scheduling and attaining insurance approval. Denny spent one night in the hospital at HCA North Cypress and it was the best hospital experience we've had. The staff was attentive, caring, timely with requests, the food was decent, and the facilities were clean. The fact that the hospital is all private rooms was also a plus. Dr. Cubbage was accurate regarding what to expect with recovery and pain. With Covid, my husband is working from home, and he was able to be back to work the third day after surgery. We highly recommend Dr. Cubbage and his team without hesitation.

    By - Karessa
  • Staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr Cabbage was excellent 👌

    By - Alan
  • Had neck surgery performed by Dr Cubbage. He is a wonderful surgeon and listens to his patients. After still having pain after surgery his words were “I will not ever sign off on a patient until they are ready “ and so far it’s a true statement.

    By - Lisa T.
  • Very good surgeon, fixed my back and neck after horrific snow skiing accident. Good so far, for 11 years and counting.

    By - Beverly R.
  • Dr Cubbage did 2 back surgeries n 1 neck fusion. Dr Mills did hand surgery and BOTH doctors were wonderful. Very compassionate and kind. 5 stars!

    By - Kathleen C.
  • Doctor Matthew is an excellent doctor, I am completely pleased with the care and patience that he provided me. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family members.

    By - Maria
  • This guy is a genius." Those were the words of my wife after she first saw the scar from my cervical fusion surgery. It's now 3 weeks after I left the hospital, and everything is looking good. I still have some stiffness, which is to be expected, but my mobility is improving day by day. I was impressed with Dr. Cubbage's straightforwardness about the surgery itself: I wasn't the worst candidate he'd seen but he could improve my quality of life, and that's all I was after. He explained the surgery to me in easy-to-understand terms, and his staff was proactive about reaching out and answering questions both pre- and post-surgery. Highly recommended!!

    By - Randy P.
  • I was thrilled to see Dr Cubbage. FINALLY Someone who listened to all my concerns and what is going on in my body to figure out what is going on! I am looking forward to finally feeling better! Thank you!

    By - Debi S.
  • I had neck surgery over a year ago by Dr. Cubbage. Him and his staff were extremely well knowledgeable and skilled. Highly recommend.

    By - Dawne D.
  • Dr Cubbage has kept me able to live without significant pain for the past 20 years. The surgeries on my cervical spine have greatly reduced the pain that I thought that I had to live with. The most recent surgery has virtually eliminated a constant source of great discomfort, and as I continue to heal I thank God that Dr. Cubbage has been a part of my life. I have recommended him to several members of our church membership and all have raved about his treatment which has given them back pain-free lives.

    By - Alex D
  • It's just been 4 weeks since I had two procedures performed by Dr. Cubbage and his team! To say it was a success would be an understatement. He has performed a miracle on my back and I am doing things again that I haven't done in many years!!
    His staff is the most friendly and informative that I have ever seen!
    So, Dr. Cubbage, Tim, Vickie and Karen I thank you for giving me my life back!!!!

    By - Glenn H
  • I had a cervical 4 level fusion and was pain free the second day after surgery. Dr.Cabbage is amazing and his nurse,Karen is so kind and helpful. I had people tell me that I would be in pain for months. I'm sorry but you didn't have as great a surgeon as Matthew Cubbage!

    By - Barbara H
  • This was an extremely tough decision for my wife and I to make. Should we go forward with my neck surgery on my upper spine? But, now in my 6th week of recovery, we made the right choice to have the medical treatment done and to have it performed by Dr Cubbage. He and his staff were very forthcoming with all the answers to our many questions. Karen and the staff made sure all things were done timely and with care. Dr Cubbage explained the procedure and the planned results in detail over multiple office visits as I kept asking for more explanations. He even met with me at the hospital just an hour or so before my surgery to see if I had any more questions. This constant attention from Dr Cubbage, Karen and his staff is very comforting, as if we were a family members. My incision is very small and healed quickly without any complications. All in all, I highly recommend Dr Cubbage, Karen, and his staff as they all exceeded my wife’s and my expectations. The surgery was a success. Both the limited mobility in my right arm and the crushing headaches are solved.

    By - Paul Q
  • Matthew Cubbage, M.D. is hands down one of the best surgeons that I have had the pleasure to be treated by. His bedside manner is bar none, his knowledge base is impeccable, and he makes you feel at ease pre and post surgery. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing any spinal procedures.

    By - Judy KD
  • I had suffered lower back pain for 6 months. Tried many different treatment paths to avoid back surgery. Through these paths my back pain continued to worsen. So, decided to have Dr. Cubbage perform a laminotomy with discectomy. I should have done this first! The surgery was a total success with 100% of the plain gone. I’m 2 weeks post-op and back to my normal routine. Thank you Dr. Cubbage.

    By - Cheryl
  • I fractured 3 vertebre, T11, T12 & L1 on May 6, 2019. I am 77 years old & have osteoporosis. I had excruciating pain and was trying to manage it by myself, which was not working. I went to Dr. Cubbage, he discussed my options in length with me and suggested I have Kyphoplasty surgery. I went in for surgery Aug. 21, 2019 for the surgery procedure at 6:00 A.M. and was home by 11:00 A.M. I had “no pain at all” after the surgery. Only a little muscle soreness, which is now going away. Dr. Cubbage is truly a great surgeon, he is a caring person & very professional. I felt confident in him as a surgeon and well taken care of. He also has a great staff, they are friendly and helpful. Karen is a great nurse and walks you through all the preoperative procedures. I feel so grateful to have found Dr. Cubbage to take care of my back problems and to get my life back with no pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Cubbage for any back surgery you may have.

    By - Helen D
  • The Doctors Staff was very Nice and great to communicate with what every Your needs are.

    By - Howard
    01-Apr-2020 01:11 PM
  • Dear Dr Cubbage,
    Thank you for giving me my life back!

    Just 24 hours ago, I was wheeled into your operating room. My husband had dropped me off at the hospital entrance, and using my rented power chair, I rolled myself through doors. I was feeling very apprehensive for several reasons: going in there alone, risking COVID-19 and having spinal surgery.

    One year ago this month, I experienced tingling in my little toe. Eleven months later, I had to rent a power chair because the pain was keeping me from walking from sink to refrigerator. Yesterday, after my surgery, I walked from car into the house.


    I just want to thank you, your staff and everyone at the hospital for their kind, professional attitude towards me. Not only were they kind to me, but I could hear kindness throughout the entirepre-op ward coming from every person working in that area.

    Through the anesthesia and drugs, I can remember a few names that I want to acknowledge: Sarah, Vickie and Jonathan. I wish I could remember everyone's name.

    In addition to the staff at the hospital, I want to commend everyone in your front office, along with Vickie and Karen.

    Thank you again. I will be walking into your office in two weeks for my check up.

    By - Mary-MC
  • Short wait times and a very friendly staff who are very professional. Dr. Cubbage, PA Moore handled their busy and didn’t rush to leave the room and explained thoroughly my procedure. Post op, attentiveness was also great. A shout out to my new friend and compassionate RN Karen. Thank you all!!!!

    By - Parnell Anding
    01-Apr-2020 01:11 PM
  • My son had two herniated discs and has been seeing Dr. Cubbage for quite some time. We delayed surgery until he graduated from high school, and Dr. Cubbage performed surgery on him 9/2018. Dr. Cubbage and Karen Everingham were incredible they were with us every step of the way. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I meet. Thank you so much for your help, and my son is doing great thanks to you all.

    By - KM
    26-Sep-2018 11:41 AM
  • Injured my back (2nd time!) and was in extreme pain. Unable to walk, stand or sit. Once Dr. Cubbage reviewed my MRI on Fri he immediately had his staff work me into his schedule on Mon. which was delayed (due to major ice storm) until Thurs. AM and performed surgery on following Mon. Less than two weeks I am walking and near pain free.

    By - Beaumont, TX, KA
    19-Sep-2018 02:00 AM
  • I first went to see Dr Cubbage in March 2017 after hurting my back (again) on business overseas. We tried all the different options available for my situation, but none of them gave me any relief, so disc replacement surgery (L4/5) was agreed upon. I had surgery Nov 6th 2017 and I have been amazed at the results. My hospital stay in Cypress Medical Center was very pleasant too. I cannot THANK Dr Cubbage, Tim, Karen and the rest of the staff enough for the treatment I have recieved.

    By - CG
    19-Sep-2018 01:59 AM
  • Awesome doctor. He made my surgery so easy & recovery was a breeze. Thanx Dr. Cubbage for a job done excellently!!!

    By - SW
    19-Sep-2018 01:59 AM
  • Dr. Cubbage is amazing! It was a long road for me with back pain. I had my surgery, and on the next day of getting up I was sore but my back pain was gone. WOW! I could not believe it I wanted to cry I felt great! All I could do is think about Dr. Cubbage and his team and their special skills that made me feel great again. It’s been two months since my surgery and I still feel great. Thank you Dr. Cubbage!

    By - KP
    19-Sep-2018 01:58 AM
  • Dr. Cubbage is all for trying conservative approaches before even discussing surgery. He only recommends a surgical approach when all else has failed or there is so much damage that waiting could cause irreversible damage. I am very pleased with his work & glad I did it. (Microdiscectomy & Laminotomy). I also liked how his post op directions stress the importance of strict walking schedule. Thanks to Dr. Cubbage, Karen, Billing Dept. & the Pre-Op/Post-Op

    By - Spring,TX
    19-Sep-2018 01:57 AM
  • I am very pleased with the orthopedic services provided by Dr. Matthew Cubbage and his nurse Karen. Dr. Cubbage and Karen are the best spine and neck specialist team in the Houston / Cypress Texas area. Their professionalism, extensive knowledge, compassionate caring and overall medical services are extraordinaire. If you live in the Houston area or even hours away, I highly recommend Dr. Cubbage for your orthopedic needs.

    By - MK
    19-Sep-2018 01:55 AM
  • AMAZING CARE. I’m a collegiate golfer at the U of Ark. During summer I had severe back pain that went down my leg. My uncle Dr. Clifford Kitten recommended I see Dr. Matthew Cubbage. The doc and his nurse Karen are awesome. He ordered tests, called late evening (same day) with results and I had surgery the next morning. During my recovery Karen contacted me many times. Thanks Dr. Cubbage and Karen for your swift care! I can’t wait to start playing golf again.

    By - JK
    19-Sep-2018 01:53 AM
  • Dr. Cubbage is the definition of extraordinary. Dr. Cubbage and his colleague, Dr. Moore, recently (1 mo. ago) successfully completed a 3-spot laminectomy to resolve my spinal stenosis problems. My recovery is going very well. The consultation I received while making the decision to have the surgery was clear and definitive. Drs. Cubbage and Moore took the time to explain why it was necessary, what I could expect in terms of improvement, and any risks involved. Very caring doctors & nurses!

    By - DW
    19-Sep-2018 01:52 AM
  • After FOUR different opinions & 3 months of research, I decided on Dr. Cubbage for a lumbar artificial disk replacement. A huge part of that decision was thanks to his assistant Karen, who was amazing EVERY step of the way! She called me from home when her day was too busy and she stopped by to see me at the hospital the day of the surgery! The entire team is amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Karen, Dr. Cubbage, & team!

    By - FC
    19-Sep-2018 01:51 AM
  • Dr. Cubbage and his staff have been extremely helpful to me with a variety of issues. Despite having a busy practice, I’m almost always able to schedule an appt. within a few days of calling and receive a response to my email or phone questions often the same day. It’s rare to find a Dr. as knowledgalble, accommodating, and concerned as Dr. Cubbage.

    By - Houston, TX
    19-Sep-2018 01:50 AM
  • I had a very pleasant experience with every aspect with Dr. Cubbage, his staff PA Tim and Karen and all the scheduling people. My surgery was a difficult 7 disc procedures that went very well and recovery has been amazing. I will use these folks again if necessary and would highly recommend them.

    By - DJ
    19-Sep-2018 01:48 AM
  • He and his team are top notch beyond great and his nurse Karen is by far one of the best nurse I have had thanks for all the help.

    By - JB
    19-Sep-2018 01:47 AM
  • I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Cubbage and all of his staff. My sister had went to him a month earlier and had the same cervical surgery as I had. He told me why I had to have surgery on my neck prior to my back. I did agree a few days later that my neck hurt much worse than my back. When my neck is recovered, I plan on going back to him for back surgery. I mentioned his name to other medical personnel & they had nothing to say but good things and plus other patients did too.

    By - SB
    19-Sep-2018 01:46 AM
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Cubbage to friends and relatives. I felt completely at ease with his explanation of test results, the diagnosis given, and the alternatives offered. He takes his time with you and answers any questions you may have. He has an excellent nurse who is caring, kind and goes above and beyond the call of duty, she is awesome! Should the need arise I would certainly use Dr. Cubbage again and again.

    By - MK
    19-Sep-2018 01:45 AM
  • Our family has used Advanced Orthopedics for twenty years for a variety of injuries. When it was diagnosed that degeneration in the use of my hands was related to an old neck injury, Dr. Cubbage was the first doctor I thought of

    By - Spring
    19-Sep-2018 01:44 AM
  • I’ve been seeing Dr Cubbage for 6 six for my back problems. 2 surgeries later. There isn’t another person I would trust.

    By - Ashley
    19-Sep-2018 01:43 AM
  • Dr Cubbage explained everything to me prior to having neck surgery, he was very thorough. Office staff was very friendly, expecially Karen, called when i had questions about anything prior to surgery and also afterwards.

    By - MT
    19-Sep-2018 01:42 AM
  • I have been seeing Dr. Cubbage for about 5 years for myself. His work is very professional and very informative with whatever your problem. He has helped me from reoccurring back problems with surgery and the best exercise program for my condition. I am so grateful that Dr. Cubbage is one of my Doctors. My life would not be the same if not for him. Thank you Dr. Cubbage for giving me the ability to be active in doing most of the things I love to do. I highly recommend to friends & family.

    By - BF
    19-Sep-2018 01:41 AM
  • I had surgery 6/5/2017 performed by Dr Cubbage. His office staff are all wonderful and knowledgeable and helpful. I never had to wait long periods of time to see the Dr for my office visits. I immediately felt confident in Dr Cubbage and his staff. I was being kept as pain free as was possible both pre op as well as post op. I am feeling fantastic at this time and expect to continue to do so. I would highly recommend Dr Cubbage to anyone.

    By - GA
    19-Sep-2018 01:39 AM
  • Dr. Matthew Cubbage is a SUPERB spinal surgeon!! His surgical skills and resulting outcomes for the patient place him in a very elite category. In addition, he genuinely cares, is a GREAT listener, and very attentive to detail. If you are looking for the MVP of spinal surgeons, Dr. Cubbage is the one for you!! Finally, I must include he has hired a SUPER staff that is so patient oriented.

    By - RS
    19-Sep-2018 01:38 AM
  • Outstanding Physicians. I’ve had two surgeries here, one on my foot with Dr. Bacon, and an extensive back surgery with Dr. Cubbage. I’m new to the area and my wife found me these surgeons. I have to say that each surgery I’ve had with these physicians have had excellent results. I was very pleased with my foot surgery and decided to see Dr. Cubbage for my back. Other surgeons I’ve seen regarding my back only gave me a 50/50 success rate. I have to say, the low back surgery with Dr. Cubbage

    By - EB
    19-Sep-2018 01:37 AM
  • Doctor and staff were very attentive to my needs and questions during the pre and post surgery process. Still on the mend but pain is subsizing.

    By - AB
    19-Sep-2018 01:35 AM
  • MY Experience with Dr. cubbage and his staff was excellent

    By - JW
    19-Sep-2018 01:35 AM
  • Dr. Cubbage has been my Orthopedic surgeon for 9 years and unfortunately I have had both Lumbar and Cervical Fusions, Dr. Cubbage has done a great job and Tim (PA) and Karen (Nurse)on his staff are outstanding to work with. Dr. Cubbage is caring, straight forward in his discussions and the procedures although not fun, are done in a truly professional manner with minimal disruption to your return to a normal life.

    By - JP
    19-Sep-2018 01:33 AM
  • Dr. Cubbage has been a life saver for me! Over the last 11 years I have had 3 spine surgeries: a lumbar fusion, a cervival disc replacement & a lumbar hemilaminectomy with lateral recess decompression and foraminotomy. He is not quick to do surgery, only doing it if it is absolutely necessary, and each surgery has been an extreme success! His bedside mannerism is fabulous, he listens & cares. 5 stars x 3 from me!!!

    By - Cheryl
    19-Sep-2018 01:32 AM
  • Great experience!

    By - Houston,TX
    19-Sep-2018 01:30 AM
  • I had a double disc replacement by Dr. Cubbage. He is the best. He’s smart, honest, funny, calming and delicate. His staff are all caring, listening and answering all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Cubbage and his team If you’re considering spinal or neck surgery.

    By - JS
    19-Sep-2018 01:28 AM
  • I am very pleased with the orthopedic services provided by Dr. Matthew Cubbage and his nurse Karen. Dr. Cubbage and Karen are the one of the best spine and neck specialist team in the Houston / Cypress Texas area.

    Their professionalism, extensive knowledge, compassionate caring and overall medical services are extraordinaire. If you live in the Houston area or even hours away, I highly recommend Dr. Cubbage and his staff for your orthopedic needs.

    The office is located at North Cypress Medical Center, 21212 Northwest Fwy in Cypress, TX 77429. Phone (281) 517-8510

    By - MB
    19-Sep-2018 01:27 AM
  • If you are an existing patient of Dr. Cubbage then I’m sure you will agree with the following however if you are someone who is looking for a surgeon and team in the Houston area I hope you find the following useful.

    Dr. Cubbage just completed my fifth of a total of seven back surgeries. I first met with Dr. Cubbage and his team due to my first two surgeries completely failing causing numerous issues. What impressed me from our first discussion is that he actually took the time to listen to my concerns and treated me with care.

    Five surgeries later and that has still not changed and in fact the relationship has improved where I feel it is very much a team decision regarding when to have surgery and when to hold off and try alternatives.

    Speaking of the team, Dr. Cubbage is supported by a superb one. Dr. Tim Moore, Karen, and Saul are beyond wonderful and are there for me and I would think every patient.

    So if you are looking for an excellent surgeon, supported by an excellent team that will listen and help you through the difficult decision of surgery, and the road to recovery afterwards, I would always recommend Dr. Cubbage.

    Thank You Dr. C, Tim, Saul, and especially Karen.

    By - RP
    19-Sep-2018 01:26 AM
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Cubbage for several years. Each time of go there, he always presents a thorough plan of care. From ordering the most appropriate diagnostic tests to making sure you understand each step of his plan of care. He consistently instills confidence that you are the road to recovery. Plus his assistant Karen is extremely knowledgeable and very caring!  

    By - MH
    19-Sep-2018 01:25 AM
  • By - Anonymous
    19-Sep-2018 01:23 AM
  • By - Anonymous
    19-Sep-2018 01:22 AM
  • By - Anonymous
    19-Sep-2018 01:21 AM
  • On Feb. 3, 2016 I had lumbar spine surgery by Dr. Cubbage. I was told after the surgery my back pain would be gone. He was right. I had no back pain the day after my surgery. I was off medications the following week. It’s been six weeks now, and I’m pain free. His team took great care and gave instructions that I still follow. Any questions I had after my surgery were quickly answered by Karen Everingham and Tim Moore. 

    By - EB
    19-Sep-2018 01:19 AM
  • How I felt before:

    I felt wide variety of pain in my lower back/ L5-S1/ hip area. It was uncomfortable to sit or stand for long periods of time. I had constant numbness in my legs and feet. The lower part of my abdomen/trunk area was weak. I was always fatigued.

    How I was treated in the process:

    I received a high level of care throughout the entire process, which was quite a long journey 8 years and counting. Dr. Cubbage and his team educated my family and myself on my condition, as well as wise advise that involved both physical therapy and pain management. They were extremely attentive to all of the concerns we had. Dr. Cubbage went above and beyond the call of what was asked of him. I felt that Dr. Cubbage truly cared about my wellbeing and always had my best interest at heart.

    After surgery:

    "Born Again" type feeling. What I found to be exhausting on a daily basis is now a piece of cake. I have improved feeling in my lower body. My endurance and strength gets better every day (4 months post- surgery). I can pick up and hold my children without pain, play a round of golf, run, and exercise like a normal, healthy individual.

    By - TG
    19-Sep-2018 01:17 AM
  • Memoires of a Grateful Patient

    • Buy new pajamas
    • Organize the car team – be sure it’s people you can argue with
    • Make your favorite soups – run them through the nutribullet – you’ll understand later
    • Now is your time (excuse) to spring for permanent makeup and semi permanent eyelashes
    • Gather pretty scarves – you’ll understand later
    • Obtain a walker and a cane – don’t be scared they’re just for show (not)

    Read more

    By - Anonymous
    19-Sep-2018 01:16 AM
  • I’ve seen Dr. Cubbage twice in the last 6 years. Wishing I would never have to see a doctor for orthopedic care EVER but should you ever find the need for this .. this is the place. I remember being so scared and frightened the first time we met and was told I needed surgery. Afterwards I was so relieved from the pain and respected the after care I received that it was no in doubt the first place I chose to go to for my most recent issues. They did such a wonderful job the first time it was so easy for me to make the decision of having to see him again. I would have never chosen any other place to go. I had trust and faith in him that I will continue to return for whatever my future needs may be. All the staff and nurses (hey saying a shout out to Karen!) are always so friendly and helpful. Not the typical visit of no name and only a paper id feeling of most visits these days. They really do care and respect your needs and feelings during the entire process. I am truly appreciative and hope I don’t have to see you for awhile!!! Lol. Much love and respect! 

    By - PF
    19-Sep-2018 01:14 AM
  • I highly recommend Dr. Cubbage if you have spinal problems. After reviewing my tests, he explained my options and I decided to have surgery. Dr. Cubbage did a laminectomy with discectomy on L3-L4 in late 2013. Now I feel wonderful compared to the pain and physical limitations I had before the surgery. I am exercising each day, which I could not do beforehand. Doctor surveys always ask about wait time and it is reasonable, 10-20 minutes. But truthfully, if necessary, I would wait hours to see Dr. Cubbage because he is worth the wait. I think he is a very good surgeon that thrives on improving quality of life for people. I appreciate his work and hope he will be available if I (or friends and family) have any spinal problems. Also, he has operated on my father and a friend. Both had good results. Thank you Dr. Cubbage and your staff for improving my life. Tara S. 

    By - TS
    19-Sep-2018 01:08 AM
  • In the era of full disclosure… I did have to wade through several phone numbers posted for the doctor to get to a live person. When will companies learn this is annoying? However, once I did, I talked to a young lady and she was quite helpful and worked with me on my concerns. About Dr Cubbage and his medical assistant. I felt they both took my condition very seriously as they went through a through examination to figure out what was wrong with me. So far, I’m very pleased with Dr. Cubbage and his staff. If that changes, I’ll post it… I am NOT politically correct. 

    By - NC
    19-Sep-2018 01:07 AM

North Cypress Spine Center

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