PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc

The PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc is an artificial disc replacement which is designed to maintain motion for patients suffering from the symptoms of a damaged disc or acute unresolved cervical disc herniation.

What Is The PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc?

prestige disc

The PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc offers patients with radiculopathy and myelopathy related to a damaged disc in the cervical spine an alternative to spinal fusion surgery. Constructed of stainless steel in a unique, two-piece ball-and-trough configuration, the device is designed to maintain motion at the treated vertebral segment.

Each vertebra in the spine is separated by a shock absorbing disc, which is made up largely of water. As discs lose water content because of disease, injury or age, they compress, or lose height, which causes the vertebrae to move closer together. This reduces the disc’s shock absorbing qualities, which may lead to bone spurs and narrowing of the nerve openings. If a disc ruptures, it can place pressure on the surrounding nerve roots and the spinal cord, resulting in pain, numbness and/or weakness.

How Is The PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc Used?

Your doctor may recommend surgery if non-surgical treatment fails to provide relief from these symptoms. Traditionally, a procedure called an anterior cervical discectomy with fusion (ACDF) has been the "gold standard" for surgically treating DDD in the cervical spine. Using bone grafts and instrumentation such as metal plates and screws, this procedure fuses, or creates a bond between, two or more adjacent vertebrae, ideally stabilizing the segment and providing relief. Many patients have achieved excellent results with ACDF; however, a potential disadvantage associated with spinal fusion is the loss of motion and flexibility in the treated vertebral segment.

As an alternative to spinal fusion, your doctor may recommend a surgical procedure called artificial disc replacement. This is a type of joint replacement procedure, or arthroplasty, that involves inserting an artificial disc, such as the PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc, into the intervertebral space after a natural cervical disc has been removed.

Made of stainless steel, the device has two articulating components (a ball on top and a trough on the bottom) that are inserted into the disc space and attached to the vertebral bodies on either side. The PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc was designed to allow for the following motions: flexion, extension, side bending and rotation.

The PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc is available in a variety of sizes that allow surgeons to closely match a patient’s anatomy.

While many factors contribute to the longevity of an artificial disc, the PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc has undergone significant testing to verify the safety and adequate durability of the device.

Important Safety Information

It is important that you discuss the potential risks, complications and benefits of the PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc with your doctor prior to receiving treatment, and that you rely on your doctor’s judgment. Only your doctor can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for this treatment.