Preparations for Your Hospital Stay

Suggested items to bring to the hospital

  • Two comfortable loose fitting outfits (i.e. jogging suit, night shirts, bathrobe etc.) Comfortable shoes, socks, and slippers.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, and any person grooming items that you normally use daily.
  • Personal items for entertainment.
  • Please leave valuables at home.

The Day of Surgery

  • Report to the hospital the morning of surgery at your scheduled time, as instructed by the pre-Op department prior to surgery.
  • After checking in you will then wait for someone to call you back in the pre-op area. This is where you will change from your street clothes into a hospital gown.
  • A nurse, and anesthesiologist will come and interview you and set you up for surgery. At this point, they will have an IV placed and some medications may be started at this time. You will be asked many questions, and they might ask the same questions. This is to insure that your surgery is preformed accurately and safely.
  • Few family members may come back before you go back for surgery.
  • Dr. Matthew Cubbage and Tim Moore (PA) will come and talk to you and the family right before surgery.
  • Then you will be taken to the operating room and placed on the OR table and put to sleep.
  • Following surgery you will spend some time in the recovery room (PACU). This is a very busy area, and it is important to maintain sterility, confidentiality and safety. Thus, family members and visitors are not allowed in this area. From the recovery area you will be transferred to sort-stay (23hr), a regular room, or a room in the ICU (if it is very extensive surgery, you will be in the ICU for a short period of time). This is when family members and visitors can come in.