In-Hospital Therapy Form

In-Hospital Therapy and Return to Independence

(Mostly for Lumbar Spinal Fusion Patients)

A therapist at the hospital will help you get back on your feet and doing daily activities. Your doctor or therapist may alter your therapy program according to you individual needs. After surgery, the therapist will:

  • Help you with proper mechanic for getting in and out of bed and how to comfortably position yourself.
  • Help you become independent with our basic activities of daily living.
  • Help you become comfortable in walking and climbing the stairs safely.
  • Provide gentle progressive mobility and endurance building exercises.
  • Provide deep breathing exercises.
  • Educate you regarding precautions and back sparing techniques to prevent re-injury.
  • Help you and your doctor determine the appropriate discharge plan and date.

You will begin therapy on the day or the morning after surgery, depending on your doctor’s orders.

You will be discharged from the hospital once your doctor has cleared you medially and once you are able to get in and out of bed and chairs, get up and down from toilet seats, take care of your own basic needs and walk and climb stairs independently.